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4 Reasons to Book Your Success Session Today!

Immediate Value...

This isn't some high pressure sales tactic. It's a REAL coaching conversation that targets the key challenges you are facing. Together, we find practical solutions you can use immediately, whether or not you choose to keep working with us.

You Get to Choose!

Because this session is ALL ABOUT YOU, you get to choose the topics we focus on! Interested more in nutrition? Exercise technique? Goal setting? Mindset? Developing/breaking habits? Or, something else entirely? Just let us know. The session is yours!

No Strings Attached

This is your opportunity to meet with an expert coach. No strings attached. As mentioned, there is no high pressure sales. Either you are impressed and want to work with us some more, or you decide to try somewhere else. In fact, if it's not a good fit, we will even help you find a more suitable option to meet your needs.


We will find a time that's convenient for you. PLUS, choose whether you want to meet IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL. Of course, we love meeting people in person, but we know timing can be tight so video or phone coaching session are also an option. Virtual is also great for people who don't live in Calgary. We work with clients all over the world!

What people are saying...

Liz Ferguson

“After 4 months at Fresh, my dress had to be taken in about 10 inches, and I felt so confident on my wedding day after being self-conscious for most of my life"

Sheena Kirkpatrick

If you’ve been thinking about making a change, please do yourself a favor and contact FRESH!. 

Nicky Popowich

You have kept me on track (even when I wobble) through some of life’s biggest trials. Thank you."

Greg Guderyan

My favourite aspect of FRESH! Is that their coaching program is very comprehensive. It covers everything from mindset to movement, from the importance of proper form to a new way of thinking about nutrition.

FRESH! Wellness Group. Calgary, AB. Canada.